Tips to Exercise Option-Cum Preference for SSC-JE Aspirants

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Tips to Exercise Option-Cum Preference for SSC-JE Aspirants

Tips to Exercise Option-Cum Preference for SSC-JE Aspirants

A choice cum preference from SSC has been released for Junior Engineer has been uploaded on on April 28, 2023 and this option can pave the way for a better career option for many candidates. However, the timing of this option poses a challenge for the candidates, as the SSC-JE Mains result is yet to be declared.

This option has made the candidates think and panic at the same time because hasty decision may jeopardize their right and if not exercised diligently candidate may chose wrong career for themselves.

The organizations which were listed in SSC JE notifications are as follows for Civil Engineering aspirants.


S. No.




Border Roads Organization (BRO)

Junior Engineer (Civil)


Central Public Works Department


Junior Engineer (Civil)


Central Water and Power Research Station

Junior Engineer (Civil)


Central Water Commission

Junior Engineer (Civil)


Farakka Barrage Project (FBP)

Junior Engineer (Civil)


Military Engineer Services (MES)

Junior Engineer (Civil)


National Technical Research Organization (NTRO)

Junior Engineer (Civil)


Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways (Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works)

Junior Engineer (Civil)


Note: Central Water Commission has withdrawn their vacancies this year and it is not in the service list anymore, of  SSC-JE 2022.

In this blog we present few tips and techniques which candidates should pay heed upon and we try to present information in such a way that help you in assimilating decent inputs prior you exercise the right to decide to order of preference.

  1. Be Fully Aware About the Department Allotment Process
    It has been noticed in the past that invited number of candidates are generally more than the actual vacancy in every organizations and general acceptable ratio of the same is 1:1.7. It means there will be almost 2 candidates are invited for one position in all the organization. Do preliminary research of eligibility criteria in every department like what was the earlier cut-off, is there any specific medical conditions or not.  Generally every department decides their cut off and in first round of interviews they close the position, second round of interview is very rarely conducted.
  2. Medical conditions in Border Road Organization
    In this particular organization physical fitness plays a pivotal role in your assesement and this is the reason it is considered as an additional qualification for candidates. They should possess the physical attributes which allows them to function at high altitude. So, it is advisable to go through the eligibility criteria especially medical section of this particular service because BRO conducts a medical examination of their own.
  1. Calculate Your Tentative Score and Choose accordingly
    It is evident that the services which are listed above have decided their cut-off marks for candidates in past and who recruitment in past was based on overall score in written assessment. Presently, lot of tools are available which can help you to calcualte your own upcoming score and if you can depict your score accurately, then it is helpful for you  to exercise your preference intelligently.
  1. Don’t Decide on the Basis of Popularity of Service Rather Introspect
    Measure your own strength and weakness, and be intelligent while exercising the option, as mentioned above, it is being reiterated that service allotment will happen once only, and there will hardly be any further round of allotment, if happened once and If you haven't chosen the service based on your predicted score then it may happen that your name gets excluded in the shortlisted list of organizations. Every service has their own charm but it is not one size fits all, and while exercising the preference you popularity of organization should not be the sole criteria rather your fitting in is an essential parameter.

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