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Staff Selection Commission – Junior Engineer SSC-JE Exam

Staff Selection Commission – Junior Engineer SSC-JE Exam

In India there are lot of opportunities available for an engineer but there is a fierce battle for a position which would earn a position of repute for an engineer. Junior engineer is a position which opens up a window for an engineer to perform techno-managerial role and stick to the core values of engineering profession. This position can be attained with the help of a competitive exam called SSC-JE conducted by Staff selection commission.

This year exam calendar has been updated on and the tentative exam for Paper-1 viz. computer-based exam is on 28th Nov. 2022. Vacancy for junior engineers is created almost every year by different ministries and this year according to the official notification is not announced but there is a hope that there is a surge in vacancies for engineers. The paper pattern for junior engineers judges the intrinsic value of an engineer by testing him through two tier exam patterns. One level is conducted as computer-based examination and other one is in paper-pen mode and in subjective form.

Aspirants who want to work with central government and see how a national level projects are being executed and developed by engineering community should definitely try this exam and contribute with their technical knowledge in developing the resources of this country. The best part for this year aspirant is that they have a companion to prepare with Masterlearners (an Initiative of IES Master).

Masterlearner has come up with SSC JE live online course for the aspirants of SSC-JE and this course is meticulously designed to uplift the preparation level of this year aspirants. Objective paper question bank of SSC-JE designed by IES Master is one of the most sought-after books for the aspirants since last 3 years. Students have admired the amicability of the book and its unique way of providing solution of complex problems. This course will uphold the expectation of the students and the quality which has been offered through its SSC-JE Objective question bank will be replicated in this online course. There are fine details for every exam and same needs to be pondered by the aspirants to excel in any competitive exam. The mentorship offered by Masterlearners is to infuse the interest for learning through its versatile teaching pedagogy and its 360-degree learning environment. Do check out this course on to begin your preparation with a bang and stay ahead in the competition.