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Ideal Study Schedule for SSC-JE

Ideal Study Schedule for SSC-JE

There is a myth prevalent about competitive exams which is that you have to study continuously for at least 6 to 8 hours but the fact of the matter is that you need to plan your studies and create an ideal study schedule beforehand to prepare well and give equal weightage to each and every subject. There is a systematic, well research study plan created by our academic experts to help students and achieve their dream result.

Here are few tips for how to create an ideal study schedule

  1. Emphasis on exam syllabus: Exam syllabus is one of the most important factors which students ignore but it is something which student cannot ignore and it plays a pivotal role in success or failure of the students.


  1. Trend Analysis: Decipher the trend of the exam, and identify the weightage attributed to each and every subject. This trend will become the basis of your preparation and you will plan your studies accordingly  


  1. Prioritize:  It is a proven fact that exams are not the test of your knowledge rather they are test of patterns. Now, you need don’t need to master each and every subject rather requisite knowledge of each and every subject is must for clearing the exams.


  1. Create a schedule: When you are done with all three above steps then you can create a study schedule and you need to stick to that. First and foremost, requirement is that you should stick to the schedule created by the institute wherein you have enrolled for your preparation. Coaching institute wherein you have enrolled for your preparation will create a schedule based on the vast experience they possess and also on the basis of interlinking among subjects. So, trust them completely and just follow everything which has been taught in the class.


  1. Cyclic revision plan: it is a well-known fact that merely covering of syllabus is not suffice to clear the exams rather a cyclic revision so that each and every concept studied in class gets revised on regular basis and never let any concept gets weaken.


  1. Practice smartly: Syllabus of SSC JE test your knowledge of theory & your ability to solve complex problems of each and every subject. Whenever you are planning a study- sitting make sure you have prepared a list of questions and concepts to be practice in the same. Sequence of the concepts and subjects is to be enlisted beforehand to align your study schedule with the coaching whom you are preparing with.

Creation of study schedule is an essence for the aspirant who is dreaming big for his life and few points are mentioned above and incorporating them in your study plans will help you in creating an ideal study schedule.

How Masterlearners can help you?

Online course crafted for SSC-JE is a perfect blend for theory as well as practical and it will help you in framing a sequence for the subjects. SSC-JE live online course is available on and enrolling for the same will help you in forming a plan backed by the guidance of most reliable mentor in the field of engineering.